The aftermath of World Breastfeeding Week 2015


The first week in August marked the annual World Breastfeeding Week festivities and boy what a week it was here in Ireland. Normally it passes through without any fanfare on our little island but this year it went off with a bang(ers!), thanks to one woman’s actions on live tv. Dil Wickremasinghe bravely went where no other Irish woman has gone before and the Irish public reacted with a mixture of both praise and well, I am not really sure one word can sum up how the rest of the population reacted. “Stupidly” would probably fit the bill.

I know if I “had” to go back to work when my Harry was so young then yes, 100% would I breastfeed in the workplace if needed. Comments aimed at Dil included one such as “Why? What was the point of doing that? No other presenters who bottle feed the baby make a point of bringing the baby on live TV. No problem with her bringing the baby to work and breastfeeding there – but this was a self promoting move – designed purely to pee ppl off or cause drama!”

Erm… the point the commentator missed is that in order to breastfeed you need the boobs; if you are bottle feeding then fine, you can leave the baby with a minder or family to be fed. I HIGHLY doubt that Dil decided to leave the safety and calm of her family home PURELY to piss people off, especially since she was most definitely sleep deprived what with having a brand new baby! I was lucky if I managed to get dressed most days when Harry was that young.

Then the pump comments came thick and fast. Anyone who has pumped knows what an utter pain in the arse it is. Not only is it tiresome but it is difficult to obtain a decent amount of milk so its not like she could have pumped quickly before going on air. Those of us that have pumped know that you need to build up a pumping schedule in order to get the best from your pump.

Anyway I digress. The point of this post is to say Kudos to Dil for making sure that World Breastfeeding Week didn’t pass us by quietly this year (intentional or not); whilst some of the commentators remarks on social media were pretty infuriating I think the positives to take from this is that for the most part our society as a whole had nothing but positives to say about BF; the tide may be finally starting to turn.


Win a years supply of WaterWipes

water-wipes1.pngTo ease us back into the week after a bank holiday the kind folk over at WaterWipes HQ have given me a years supply to give away to one lucky reader!

Water Wipes truly are one of the  most multifunctional products I have used in the two years since I became a Mammy.

WaterWipes are made from just three 100% natural ingredients:

  • 9% purified water
  • A drop of Fruit Extract – helps clear oils and exfoliate, balancing pH of the skin.
  • A drop of Dead Sea Minerals – natural deep skin moisturisers suitable for sensitive skin conditions and also have anti-aging properties

Owing to the fact they are not laden down with alcohol and awful fragrances they quickly became my wipe of choice when I started using wipes on Harrys baby butt.I didn’t stop there though;they also took off my makeup, wiped the doggies totally gross eye-cack and on one occasion when I spotted unexpected visitors pulling into the drive I used a wipe to decimate the dust that had gathered on the mantle-piece! All in all Waterwipes get a big thumbs up from all in my household!

To be in with a chance to win a years supply of WaterWipes it would be brilliant if you could give the blogs facebook page and the Waterwipes page a like. Please let me know in the comments if you have done that and a winner will be picked on Monday 10th August.


Competition  closed. Winner chosen at random is Amanda Mulligan!

Netflix – new releases and some golden oldies



Summer is flying by and what with the woeful weather, my pregnant butt and feck all on the normal telly box I have never been more thankful for Netflix! The toddler has morphed into a telly addict of late despite my best efforts and because I am totally wrecked I haven’t been putting up too much of a fight. Read more

Teething Remedies

teething heroes

Dr.Google tells me that teething usually starts on average around three to six months in and  I am full sure Harry (my firstborn) started from twelve weeks onwards. He is two now and it has been one hell of a journey for both of us; a painful one for him might I add. Read more

Kim Kardashian is trumpeting Diclegis….thoughts?

kkKim Ks latest round of product endorsement caught me by surprise when scrolling through Instagram yesterday. She has partnered with the US distributor of a “morning sickness drug” Diclegis and honestly I am not sure how I feel about it all. My immediate reaction was god no; can she not put up with a few mornings of head in the loo like the rest of us? It won’t last forever and it’s not like she has to drag her pregnant ass into what the rest of us call “work” everyday. Read more

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