Netflix – new releases and some golden oldies



Summer is flying by and what with the woeful weather, my pregnant butt and feck all on the normal telly box I have never been more thankful for Netflix! The toddler has morphed into a telly addict of late despite my best efforts and because I am totally wrecked I haven’t been putting up too much of a fight. Read more

Teething Remedies

teething heroes

Dr.Google tells me that teething usually starts on average around three to six months in and  I am full sure Harry (my firstborn) started from twelve weeks onwards. He is two now and it has been one hell of a journey for both of us; a painful one for him might I add. Read more

Kim Kardashian is trumpeting Diclegis….thoughts?

kkKim Ks latest round of product endorsement caught me by surprise when scrolling through Instagram yesterday. She has partnered with the US distributor of a “morning sickness drug” Diclegis and honestly I am not sure how I feel about it all. My immediate reaction was god no; can she not put up with a few mornings of head in the loo like the rest of us? It won’t last forever and it’s not like she has to drag her pregnant ass into what the rest of us call “work” everyday. Read more

Bepanthen;Not just for babies bums!



I was first introduced to the wonder of Bepanthen when I had my first tattoo done a couple of years ago now. The tattoo artist recommended Bepanthen to help the skin heal; and boy did the skin heal fast!  Originally meant for babies bottoms it appears to be a bit of a cult product amongst tattoo fans. I have since discovered it is perfect for dry,cracked and sore lips. Read on to find out how I accidentally discovered this. Read more

Setting it straight….ghd

ghd v amethyst


When ghd contacted me recently to ask if I was interested in trying their V amethyst styler I jumped at the chance. My old ghd iron was given to me as a gift for my 21s; I’m now 30, so to say I was due for a replacement was a bit of an understatement! Read more

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